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If you are confused or overwhelmed with the probate process, we can help you understand and get through it. Probate is common for most estates, but isn’t the same for any estate. Whether you are at the beginning of the process or already started, we can guide you through the steps.

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Personal Representative

Personal representatives are the individuals tasked with carrying out someone’s last wishes. A personal representative is usually nominated by a will, but sometimes there isn’t a will. In that case, certain steps need to be taken through the court to become the personal representative.

If There Is A Will

If someone leaves a will, then the wishes in the will should be carried out by the personal representative. If you are a personal representative, you have certain responsibilities to the court. Let us help you carry out those responsibilities.

If There Isn’t A Will

If someone doesn’t leave a will, then the probate process can be confusing. If there isn’t will, then the state probate rules dictate how someone’s estate is to be administered and allocated. Let us help you understand the laws and how they may impact you.

If you need guidance as a personal representative, let us help you. Give us a call