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Wherever you are in the income property timeline, we can protect your investment. Protecting your investment starts with a well-written lease and then moves to maintaining your property. Maintaining your property may mean you need to pursue an eviction. Whether you are at the beginning or need to pursue an eviction, we can help you protect your investment.

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Starting on the Right Foot

A well-written lease is a great first step to protecting your investment property. A tailored lease can help you as a landlord get ideal tenants for your property and make the eviction process easier. A well-written, tailored lease will save you money in the long run. Let us help you keep your investment safe.


If an eviction is necessary to protect your investment, you will need to act swiftly. As a landlord, you have certain steps you must take before you can properly evict a tenant. Let us help you make sure you take the right steps.

"Notice to Quit" vs "Demand for Compliance"

It is vital to serve a tenant the proper document to start an eviction. There are two different documents that can be used. One is a “Notice to Quit.” The other is a “Demand for Compliance.” Generally, a “Notice to Quit” is used in a situation where the tenant does not have the option to correct a problem. For example, a “Notice to Quit” can be used to notify a tenant that the lease will not be renewed. Generally, a “Demand for Compliance” is used in a situation where the tenant has the option to correct a problem and stay. For example, a “Demand for Compliance” can be used to let a tenant know that if they don’t get current on rent, then an eviction will be pursued; however, if they pay rent, then they can stay. For an eviction action to be successful, it is vital to get the correct document served on the tenant.

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